The impact of Hurricane Sandy on K12 Schools

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on K12 Schools

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on schools (57 schools in New York City are too damaged to reopen, forcing the relocation of 34,000 students, and 14 schools in New Jersey are still closed) is a reminder of the need to build a comprehensive, all-hazards school emergency management plan that is framed by the four phases of emergency management — Prevention-Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.  Two critical aspects include the continuity of education and the provision of mental health supports for students and staff experiencing trauma due to disasters or significant incidents. AND

Also, the emergency underscored the importance of facilities’ maintenance and environmental health, controlling utility costs, and schools serving as emergency shelters, as well as the need for effective environmental education.

Meanwhile, Scholastic is donating one million books to schools and libraries in the hardest-hit areas of the tri-state region.


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