#Privacy Obama and Supremes approve #Warrentless Wiretapping

#Privacy Obama and Supremes approve #Warrentless Wiretapping

Might as well know that it is the exact same thing as living in China.
If you’re worried about the United States government tapping your phone or perusing your emails, don’t complain to the US Supreme Court about it. They don’t want to hear it.

Today, the court ruled that citizens cannot challenge a federal law that allows for warrantless surveillance of international phone calls and emails. The ruling was a blow for civil rights activists and lawyers, and a victory for the Obama administration.

The justices voted 5-4, largely along ideological lines, in favor of the law, which was implemented in 2008. They claimed that the citizens represented by the American Civil Liberties Union-including Amnesty International, lawyers, journalists and international human rights activists-could not sufficiently show that they were actually being harmed by the potential surveillance.


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