K-12 Classrooom Projects for March

K-12 Classrooom Projects for March

– National Women’s History Month Special Edition

– National Ethics Awareness Month

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21)

Ethics of “News Writing”

Music in Our Schools Month

Start a School Band with no money

Patriotic Songs

Capture Your Culture and Record Your Memory

World Music

Birthday of Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879)

St. Patricks Day – Teach History Through Music 8th grade State Standards

Irish American Vernacular English and the hidden influence of
Irish and Scots-Gaelic on what we call American English

The famous Irish patriot and martyr Wolfe Tone lived near me in West Chester PA. <@cyberplayground>
Whiskey Rebellion 1790’s “Run Johnny Run”
Society of United Irishmen and the Whiskey rebellion army
Wolfe Tone is forced to go underground with his movement.

He becomes strongly influenced by the French Revolution.
The suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion also had the unintended
consequences of encouraging small whiskey producers and other
settlers to relocate to more distant lands in Kentucky and Tennessee,
which remained outside the sphere of Federal control for many more years.
In these frontier areas, they also found good corn-growing country as well
as limestone-filtered water and therefore began making whiskey from corn.
The “Whiskey Rebellion” in western Pennsylvania was a revolt of Irish
farmers who made their own whiskey not wanting to pay Secretary of the
Treasury, Alexander Hamilton?s excise tax. Washington put down the
rebellion with troops. Jefferson, who already resigned from the Cabinet,
criticized the government’s actions.
Benjamin Franklin wrote; “It is a fact that the Irish emigrants and their
children are now in the possession of the government of Pennsylvania.”
George Washington elected the first President of the United States,
Charles Thomson as Secretary of the Continental Congress brings
him the news. Washington was, as shown earlier second cousins
to a family of McCarthy’s. His diary shows he was very close to the family.
Washington’s family was from the south-western part of England that had a Celtic tie.
Washington in gratitude to his Irish supporters once offered this prayer:
“when Ireland shall strike her harp to the wild notes
of Erin and Liberty, the ocean breeze will bear to her
shores the prayers of Americans, to cheer her in her
glorious struggle, and hail her regenerate in the rights
of mankind.
Ireland, thou friend of my country in my country’s most
friendless days, much injured, much enduring land,
accept this poor tribute from one who esteems thy worth,
and mourns thy desolation. May the God of Heaven,
in His justice and mercy, grant thee more prosperous
fortunes and in His own good time, cause the sun of
Freedom to shed its benign radiance on the Emerald Isle.”

Kilkenny native James Hoban won the design contest for the
“President’s Palace”, later known as the White House. Hoban based the
winning design on Leinster House in Dublin. Previously, he built the
capital at Columbia, South Carolina. George Washington, and James Hoban
in his position as Master Mason of the Federal of Free and Accepted Masons,
laid the cornerstone of the White House.


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