Twitter posts inaccurately high metrics about its ads, changes them after questions

THEY LIED and got called out for it.

The blog posted bad metrics Wednesday, then posted new metrics after those numbers were questioned, then explained the changes today.

Twitter claimed that an advertiser received 25 times the number of tweets it actually received and it inflated another metric by 680 million until the San Francisco Chronicle double checked the company’s figures. Jeff Elder at the “The Tech Chronicles” on reported: Twitter posts inaccurately high metrics about its ads, changes them after questions.

It’s not clear what caused the changes from the earlier inaccurately high figures, only that the figures changed after SFGate asked about London Fashion Week metrics. A Topsy rep said she didn’t know if the company discussed the figures with Twitter after questions from SFGate.

A Twitter rep said the company is looking into it.


Jeff Elder is the social media lead for SFGate and The San Francisco Chronicle. Connect with him on Twitter here: @jeffelder.


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