public comment needed for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

public comment needed for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative


· Would you like a *report on the true costs of extractive industry
in the US**,* published every two years, that covers public revenues,
environmental and social costs for coal, oil, gas, minerals, and

· Would you like to have one portal website which integrates data
about *public revenues* from each commodity (rents, royalties, bonuses,
fees, and taxes), how these *funds are structured*, how *funds are spent,
relevant laws**,* and *special exemptions* for particular commodities?

· Do you think *pipelines* and *transport* should be included in
such a national audit of the cost/ benefits of extractive industry?

The US Extractive Industries Transparency
Initiative <> can
achieve all that and more.
But, we need you and your networks to provide public comment:

· *Public comment closes 5 p.m. est Monday, Nov. 18. **Take 5
minutes to lend your support for the US


filling out this action.* OR you can email OR write
to: USEITI Secretariat, 1849 C Street NW MS 4211, Washington DC 20240. OR
you can fill out the Department of Interior’s USEITI form

· *Please testify at the **Appalachian Public
Thurs, Nov. 14, 4-7 pm *at the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and
Enforcement, 3 Parkway Center, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220

*For updates follow my blog: *

*Please contact me to make suggestions, ask questions, or if you want to
ride to Pittsburgh meeting with me:


CELL: 859.229.2404

*WHAT IS THE US Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative? *The EITI is
a global alliance <> to increase transparency and
accountability in natural resources revenue management. It began in the
fight against corruption in oil revenues in Africa, but it has grown into
an international movement which seeks to create a platform for public
debate for more integrated, long-term and fair planning.

In 2012, the US committed to join the EITI and formed a national steering
committee made up of representatives from civil society, the government and
industry. This committee has been meeting since February 2013, and has
prepared a Draft Application to submit to the International EITI.

We urgently need public comment on this Draft Application, and, on the
design of the USEITI – either in the Public Comment period or at the
Appalachian Public Hearing (see info above). The Department of Interior,
is coordinating the USEITI. I am on the steering committee of the
USEITI. Each national EITI group must follow common international
standards including publishing a report on cost/ benefits of extractive industries
and a public accounting of revenues.

*What are the benefits of USEITI for citizens, state and local government?
*Please see

a) USEITI Benefits  and
b) my memo re/ including social
accounting of environmental & social costs / benefits of extractive

*What has the USEITI achieved so far? *

· The US EITI Advisory Committee has decided that the
reconciliation process will capture the following sectors: leasable
minerals (such as oil, gas, coal, and other leasable minerals), non-fuel
minerals (such as hardrock minerals, sand and gravel), and renewable energy
(geothermal, solar and wind). Other sectors, such as forestry, fisheries
and hydropower, may be included in future US EITI reports.

· The US EITI report will include information about the following
revenue streams: rents, royalties, bonuses, fees, and taxes collected by
the Interior Department. And it will cover reporting by corporate owners of
their subsidiaries.

· The US EITI will cover reporting by corporate owners of their

· Sub-state actors will opt-in, which in many cases is where the
real action is regarding extractive industry production and revenues.

· The materiality threshold for reconciliation for the first year
is $50 million total annual revenues paid to DOI by parent company,
including its subsidiaries, which captures approximately 80% of Department
of Interior (DOI) natural resources revenues. For the second year the
materiality threshold falls to $20 million, capturing approximately 90% of
DOI natural resources revenue. The reconciliation process is intended to
phase in at a level which will reconcile approximately 80% of revenue for
the first report and to increase to 90% of revenue in the second report.

· The publicly sourced narrative will include information about all
commodities within the EITI framework within the scope of company reporting.

· Unilateral disclosure will include that for all in-scope
commodities, DOI will disclose disaggregated data to the extent allowable
by law, regardless of materiality threshold (approximately 100% of DOI
revenue in scope).

· We’ve held public comment sessions in New Orleans, Houston,
Denver, and Anchorage.

*Here is our upcoming timeline:*

*Public comment:*

· 4-7 p.m. est Nov. 14 – Pittsburgh public session

· 5 p.m. est Nov. 18 – public comment closes <>

*Next* *Advisory Committee meeting*:
Dec. 10-11<>in DC
December 11–12, 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. EST.
(But, check for updates re/ agendas, meeting logistics, and
downloadable meeting materials for all our meetings).

We’ll be discussing public comments, and finalizing the US EITI application, which is planned to be submitted by the end of this year. *YOU CAN SPEAK DURING TIMES FOR
PUBLIC COMMENT* specified in the agenda. Members of the public may attend:

· *LONG DISTANCE*: audio through the telephone number
1–866–707–0640 (passcode: 1500538) AND VISUALS, via WebEx at

· *IN PERSON:* go to Room 5160 of the Main Interior Building, 1849
C Street NW., Washington, DC, 20240. Members of the public may attend in
person, or view please allow about 15 minutes to go through security and
bring a government-issued ID. There are designated times during the meeting
for public comment. Please email by 5 p.m. est Friday,
Nov. 1 to be pre-cleared for wifi and security. Otherwise, you’ll have to
request wifi in person and go through security.


Betsy Taylor
– – – – – – – – – –
CELL: 859-229-2404


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