Can American Democracy be Revived?


Can American Democracy be Revived?

In what kind of “democracy” is wealth and income increasingly
concentrated in the hands of a minuscule fraction of the population?
In what kind of “free country” does the government imprison, or even
kill, people, including some of its own citizens, without due process?
Is large scale interception and collection of private communications
by a secret government agency compatible with a free society? Is “one
person, one vote” meaningful when  elected officials are usually far
more responsive to sources of campaign funds than to voters? These
grim aspects of present day America are exacerbated by the fact that
no remedies are in sight. It appears that things will have to get even
worse before enough people realize that they need to change their
approach to politics.

My effort to explain the situation is accessible at:

Stephen H. Unger
Professor Emeritus
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Columbia University


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