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Do CS grads need calculus?
There is a difference between the professional and vocational computer science degrees, and the degrees should be distinguished in name. One of the worse things that can happen (and students are good at this) is someone with a vocational knowledge of CS then thinks they *know* CS. Students and many professionals are notorious for not knowing what they don’t know, and then getting themselves into positions where they are making decisions that they are completely unqualified to make.
The difference is between being a coder/programmer and a computer scientist, similar to the difference between  a master carpenter and a building engineer. Both sometimes do some things that appear similar, but the depth, judgment, and scope are quite different. We need both, and should value both, but they are hardly interchangeable. That is why the ACM/IEEE have recommended curricula, and the ABET/CSAB has accreditation criteria.
> Some thoughts on “cybersecurity” professionalization and education

#Internet running slow? Network issues?
S&T-funded Netalyzr tests Internet connections for signs of troublehttp://bit.ly/1cefbP3  #SID2015
Do mobile operators leak private data? study: 450 operators, 128 countries by @narseo @ICSIatBerkeley

Ransomeware: Tewksbury police pay bitcoin ransom to hackers – Business – The Boston Globe
Tewksbury had joined the list of police departments victimized by “ransomware,” an insidious form of Internet crime that is crippling computers worldwide.
Adobe released its latest version of Acrobat called Acrobat DC for “document cloud”
UN: Major Step on Internet Privacy Human Rights Council to Name Expert on the Issue

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Policy  “SOP 303” – to shut down cell phone service in the United States.
Court mulls revealing secret government plan to cut cell phone service
Feds: SOP 303 mobile-phone kill-switch policy would endanger public if disclosed.  by David Kravets
A federal appeals court is asking the Obama administration to explain why the government should be allowed to keep secret its plan to shutter mobile phone service during “critical emergencies.”

DC Circuit Backs Agency Secrecy on “Internet Kill Switch”

Verizon’s customer codes, called unique ID headers, have troubled some data security and privacy experts who say Verizon has introduced a persistent, hidden tracking mechanism into apps and browsers that third parties could easily exploit.

You Can Now Finally, Really Truly, Opt Out Of Verizon Wireless Tracking Supercookies
Verizon customers can also call 1-866-211-0874 to opt out of the RMA program.

Do you know who Snowden is? Snowden warns US still intercepts intimate emails.
“John Oliver Tonight” interviews Snowden in Russia.
He expressed sympathy with Snowden’s efforts to trigger a public debate about the balance to be struck in a free society between the security provided by blanket surveillance and the public’s right to privacy.  And he suggested a crude but perhaps effective way to focus public attention on the issue.  “This is the most visible line in the sand for people: ‘Can they see my dick?'” Oliver said, suggesting that the NSA’s Internet surveillance could intercept emailed photographs of a private or sexual nature.

Horace Edwards (finally) withdraws Snowden lawsuit
Moronic frivilous lawsuit, counter-suit, and re-suit, and his ongoing, baseless whinging was dropped.
Horace Edwards Dismisses Snowden et al Complaint

The Man Who Did Not Wash for Seven Years and other free streams.
Folkstreams director Tom Davenport has put his old fairy/folk tale films online for free streaming.
The series includes a language arts teacher guide to encourage the use and understanding of folktales. Also included is a video series about “Making Grimm Movies”  showing how to make low budget films in your neighborhood. Popular in schools and public libraries, these films have become children’s “classics”.  Davenport set the old stories in locations near his home in Delaplane, Virginia and drew from local American Folk traditions to make these adaptations “American”.  A good short film to start with is “Bearskin or The Man Who Didn’t Wash for Seven Years”


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