Harvard’s Internet Monitor tracks web traffic and outages across the globe

A new tool from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University provides users with a snapshot of threats, news chatter, and activity taking place on the Internet at any given time.

Launching for free on Monday, the Internet Activity Monitor is a real-time dashboard tracking blackouts, news hits, Internet speeds, and outages across the world.

The service pulls in public data from services such as data-transfer mega-highway Akamai, and security firm Kaspersky.

“You can go to one place instead of a dozen different websites, pull what you need, and share it with others,” said Rebekah Heacock Jones, a senior project manager at the Berkman Center.

You can sign up for a personal account and organize a series of dashboards that suit your needs, sort of like a Pinterest board documenting Internet speedsin South Korea or outages in Pakistan.


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