Facial Recognition Tech Will Soon End Your Anonymity in Public

Facial Recognition Tech Will Soon End Your Anonymity in Public

Jim Alexander focused on morphing schemes and general statistical models (a la
Shannon noise sources) and originated the notion of disinformation
theory (see http://repository.upenn.edu/edissertations/32/ and

Katie Gibson, also concerned with privacy, did the definitive work on
the science of disguise in the context of FR (see http://repository.upenn.edu/dissertations/AAI10003909/)
and showed, interestingly and somewhat disconcertingly to me, that the effectiveness
of disguises against commercial face recognition systems varies strongly with demographics
(see http://www.cv-foundation.org/openaccess/content_cvpr_workshops_2015/W02/papers/Gibson_The_Emperors_New_2015_CVPR_paper.pdf).


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