#edtech #privacy EDIS ‏@getedis is a K12 data system edis.io/

#edtech EDIS ‏@getedis is a K12 data system edis.io/
5621 Strand Blvd #204, Naples, FL 34110

edis.io NIC-1098899 owned by Marcos Quiros Softwarenology
Registrar Tommy Ho – GoDaddy +1 480 505 8800

Where is their privacy policy? Where is the about us? TRANSPARENCY?
What is the cost of EDIS?

EDIS can cost anywhere from $2 to $9 per student annually depending on the size of your district/school and how many modules you want to use.
They collect your kids data and there is no privacy they do whatever they want with it.

Is this legal?

They can track children’s sports statistics and health records.

Who knows what data they sell and to which companies?

Softwarenology has partnered with education experts to provide that service, promising them a percentage of sales as an incentive. Who knows what data they sell and to which companies?

Google has been “collecting and data mining school children’s personal information, including their Internet searches,” which is not only creepy, but also contrary to previous promises. “Despite publicly promising not to,” the EFF noted.

Quiros says an undisclosed investor plans to buy a stake for $500,000 so the company can start marketing to other school districts.

Softwarenology is targeting schools in states such as Massachusetts and Maryland.

The foursome envision creating an online hub where –> business owners can scout for talented students to employ.

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