The Pigs using all the water in LA

Who is the Wet Prince of Bel Air? Here are the likely culprits By Michael Corey and Lance Williams / September 19, 2016  Los Angeles officials have steadfastly refused to identify the Wet Prince of Bel Air, the homeowner who pumped an astonishing 11.8 million gallons of water during a single year of California’s crippling drought.


At the top of our list of water-pumping royalty based on our analysis:

  • Former Univision CEO Jerrold Perenchio, owner of the 42-room French-style chateau from TV’s “The Beverly Hillbillies.” His compound of lawns, formal gardens, woodlands and vineyards would require at least 6.1 million gallons of water per year.
  • Investment banker and onetime telecommunications tycoon Gary Winnick, owner of the 28,000-square-foot “Bellagio House” near the Bel-Air Country Club. The grounds, famous for floral gardens, require at least 4.6 million gallons per year.
  • Movie producer Peter Guber, who is also part-owner of the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Dodgers. His wooded estate on a ridge above the Hotel Bel-Air needs at least 2.8 million gallons per year.

Other Bel Air mega-users, according to the analysis:

  • Wal-Mart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, at least 2.3 million gallons per year;
  • Former Warner Bros. Chairman Robert Daly, at least 2.1 million;
  • Beny Alagem, owner of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, at least 2 million;
  • And soap opera producer Bradley Bell and his wife, U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell, at least 2 million.

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