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[ECP] NetHappenings: Security, Privacy, Election,

Watch the debates on Twitter. The @bpolitics team .@Twitter and @bpolitics announce a live streaming partnership for the US presidential #debates http://bit.ly/2d49Dxk https://twitter.com/csoghoian/status/779072109272297472 Is there a more inaccurate cliché than "young people don't care about privacy"? The numbers show the … Continue reading

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New #SAT seriously Flawed. Math test might as well be Reading.

New SAT seriously Flawed. Math test might as well be Reading. http://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/college-sat-redesign/ … @BadassTeachersA #TBATs State funding is far from equal. But wants equal test scores. http://edpolicy.umich.edu/files/class-size-policy-brief-revised.pdf … .@BadassTeachersA #TBATs #miched .@DianeRavitch

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College Accreditors is a 1.4 Billion Inside Job Scandal

HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS – IT’S A 1.4 BILLION INSIDE JOB Who’s Regulating For-Profit Schools? Execs From For-Profit Colleges And many of them come from schools that have been under investigation. “The way the agency commissioners are selected, … Continue reading

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