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EpiPencil hack costs a fraction of EpiPen

EpiPencil hack costs a fraction of EpiPen (exclusive)

Hacker group creates $30 DIY Epipen to expose corporate greed and save lives


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Four Thieves Vinegar have created and uploaded the plans for the simple version, called the Epipencil.  Also spring loaded, the parts are gathered over the counter.  The epinephrine will still need to be acquired with a prescription.

Download the Instruction DIY EpiPencil instruction packet


Four Thieves Vinegar continues their mission to make medicine free for everyone.  Crowd sourcing and the internet kind of proves that corporate, top-down power structures are busted.  The human race works better as a team.


Mylan’s EpiPen Pretax Profits 60% Higher Than Number Told to Congress Company applied 37.5% tax rate onto the profits it revealed to a House committee hearing last week


Mylan said Monday that the profit figure presented by Ms. Bresch included taxes, which the company didn’t clearly convey to Congress. The company substantially reduced its calculation of EpiPen profits by applying the statutory U.S. corporate tax rate of 37.5%—five times Mylan’s overall tax rate last year.

Without the tax-related reduction, Mylan’s profits on the EpiPen two-pack were about 60% higher than the figure given to Congress, or $166, it said in a new regulatory filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission Monday. The company said it expects to sell about 4 million EpiPen two-packs in the U.S. this year.


EpiPen outrage: Silicon Valley engineers figure real cost to make lifesaving auto-injector two-pack — about $8
Oct 1 2016

In his 93 years, Bob Wallace has seen some product-pricing doozies over the decades, but the nonstop national furor over the stratospheric price hikes for EpiPens — now retailing above $700 for a two-pack — was the final shot.

“I’m a cheapskate,” the Saratoga inventor and businessman proudly proclaimed. “And this is not rocket science. People should be aware of what they’re getting hooked for.”

So in time-honored Silicon Valley tradition — and piqued by the EpiPen-maker Mylan’s corporate tagline “Seeing Is Believing” — Wallace and Roland Krevitt, a veteran Scotts Valley manufacturing and tooling consultant, set out to demystify the cost to produce the EpiPen, piece by piece.

The auto-injector delivers a lifesaving dose of adrenaline to treat serious allergic reactions to everything from bee stings to food.

Hunched over his vintage Shopsmith table saw in his garage, Wallace sliced open the plastic injector to begin reverse-engineering the device. Then it was Krevitt’s turn to break out his gram scale and caliper to crunch the costs for molding and manufacturing the nozzle, needle, syringe, springs, safety cap — and 0.3 mg of epinephrine.

Their startling estimate of the cost for a two-pack of EpiPens: $8.02.

And that even included the bright-yellow box.

“Talk about sleight of hand,” said Krevitt, who isn’t naive to R&D, marketing, distribution and other costs that go into brand name pharmaceuticals — but is still floored by what he figures is a 90-plus-fold markup over the retail price. “These guys put a magician to shame.”

From Capitol Hill to the corner drug store, the pharmaceutical giant Mylan is the latest drugmaker to withstand a public lashing over skyrocketing drug prices. While politicians and patients demand explanations, pointing out the same drugs are sold for a fraction of the price in other countries, policy experts and drug makers blame an American health care system built on an ever-expanding pool of middlemen whose piece of the action is driving up the final bill.

Since Mylan bought the EpiPen in 2007, the device’s wholesale price has soared from $100 to more than $600 for a now-standard two-pack.

The retail price is even steeper — the list price at CVS pharmacy, for example, is $733. Mylan insists most patients pay less than $50 out of pocket for a two-pack, though critics say insurers pass the higher wholesale drug costs along to consumers in other ways.

But what does it really cost to make?



From: Synthesis:Law and TechnologyDate: Saturday, October 1, 2016
Subject: Re EpiPen outrage: Silicon Valley engineers figure real cost to make lifesaving auto-injector two-pack – about $8

Mylan inherited the paperwork so that is pretty much a non issue.  As for sterile injectables, the cost of disposable needles is miniscule compared to the cost of the pens today.  As for insurance, I’m no expert but if they can insure disposable needles and
insure pure injectible insulin then they can insure an epi-pen like device.

The proof ?  come to Canada where the cost is a fraction of what people pay in the US.  Even the expensive online pharmacies where you pay for convenience and privacy sell the epi pen for a lot less.

So the argument that it costs a lot more than 8 bucks seems lacking.


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