Trump’s Legal Confession to Billy Bush

Trump’s words aren’t ‘explicit sex talk.’ They describe assault. Do not confuse the issue.

Misogynistic, coercive, abusive, and dehumanizing.
David Graham notes, illegal: The candidate is describing forcing himself on women, bragging that they’re disinclined to object because of a power structure on which he knowingly capitalizes.  Framing this as lewd, even extremely so, is a reminder of the frequent reluctance to name sexual assault. Explicit conversations are a different thing, a part of life central to mature sexuality. If Trump, Clinton, or any other candidate or human hadn’t had explicit, graphic, lewd conversations, that would be concerning.

“I’d tap that” is locker room banter. “I grab em by the p***y and they can’t do anything because I’m famous” is a psychopath’s confession and could be used in a court of law.


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