Bots, Lies And Propaganda: The New Misinformation Economy

What’s in fashion isn’t about culture, fashion is about one thing – Advertising.

Motivating the culture to buy what they don’t want or need is about one thing – “PUBLIC RELATIONS”  



Journalists are no longer the gatekeepers of public discourse
“The ‘attention economy’ is rapidly transforming itself into a misinformation economy in which it is profitable for some players to use widespread lies, conspiracy theories and other propaganda, especially through social media. This article summarises recent media research findings which reveal the risks and collateral damage of modern communication technologies.”

Bots, Lies And Propaganda: The New Misinformation Economy

Tech company algorithms are distributing conspiracy theories

The algorithms of Google, Facebook and Twitter are distributing and multiplying conspiracy theories, and they are also creating the filter bubbles in which misinformation and urban myths are circulating within the social media. In a big data project, an Italian team of researchers (among them Micaela Del Vicario, Fabiana Zollo and Walter Quattrociocchi of IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca) compared Facebook accounts in the US and Italy – distinguishing accounts which are providing well-researched information (checked either by professional journalists or scientists), and those ‘link slings’ which are multiplying misinformation. Their disquieting conclusion is that due to the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of users and social bots, fakes and nonsense are spreading in the filter bubbles of social media much faster, and covering larger areas, than the objectively considered news provided by ‘serious’ sources. The role algorithms play in this dissemination process is the best kept secret of the internet giants which have already grown into huge global media companies – obviously without taking any editorial responsibility for the nonsense they are multiplying on their platforms. Frank Pasquale, the American law professor (University of Maryland), speaks of a “Black Box Society” in which we increasingly seem to live. A significant percentage of social media accounts are believed to be ‘social bots’ Algorithms are replacing journalists and social bots are substituting for real trolls. On behalf of their employers/operators, they influence public opinion in the web using fake accounts on social media platforms where they foment hatred and distrust with thousands of varied comments, but especially by ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ which make algorithms spread their messages on the web, supporting swarm foolishness and discouraging swarm intelligence.

Trump booster Alex Jones: I’m not anti-Semitic, but Jews run an evil conspiracy


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