Abedin’s humamabedin@yahoo.com hacked in 2010 and who knows how many times after that!


Folder labled “Life Insurance”  contained all the email.

Asked Why did she do this?

Answered So she could print it out to read it.


FBI told her that Abedin’s humamabedin@yahoo.com accout was hacked in 2010 but SHE DIDN’T THINK SO!

WHAT AN UNQUALIFIED MORON! but Abedin got Top Secret clearance in 2009, who gives out these clearances?

Anyway the NSA has a copy of everything right?

NOTE: Here is how to delete your own Yahoo account this very minute https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN2044.html

Just so you know …. It’s a felony for persons trusted with such security clearance to remove classified information from government control and send and store it on an unauthorized computer system.

It’s also a felony to provide classified material to anybody without proper clearance.

Agents assigned to that case knew Abedin hoarded classified emails on her electronic devices.

Abedin told investigators in her April 5 interview that she “routinely forwarded emails from her state.gov account to either her clintonemail.com or her yahoo.com account so that she could print them.” She explained that “it was difficult” to print from the State printer, so she printed the documents at home.

Before she had divulged that information, agents had confronted Abedin with several sensitive government emails she forwarded to her personal accounts, including one dealing with Pakistan.

It doesn’t appear as if the FBI ever even followed up on the revelation. The bureau never seized her massive personal stockpile of State emails until last weekend — and only after New York agents investigating Weiner informed headquarters of their coincidental discovery.

Weiner didn’t have the security clearance to have access to such potentially classified information.

Nor did more than a dozen other people who came into contact with the Clinton email archive, which contained at least 2,093 currently classified emails and at least 193 that were classified at the time they were sent.




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