The Promise of the Internet Fulfilled: The most Transparent Election in the History of the US

Reading WikiLeaks We Learn all about the
American status hierarchy in all its righteousness and majesty.

The Podesta emails show how America is run WikiLeaks’ dump of messages to and from Clinton’s campaign chief offer an unprecedented view into the workings of the pretty satisfied, pretty content elite, and how it looks after itself. Nobody takes road trips to exotic West Virginia to see what the members of 99% looks like or how they live.

The Importance and the Dignity of the Individual

Bernie Sanders never changed his message, he stood for human rights, he worked for the dignity of people. That is what the democrats used to do and what they used to stand for, now it’s called socialism.

What do the experts know about inequality?
Plenty! But for all the money and study what can then they tell you in a simple sentence?
“inequality has perverted U.S. democracy” in general, it’s the well-off who mainly have the ear of those in power in our new Gilded Age. WTF!!
“the preferences of the vast majority of Americans appear to have essentially no impact on which policies the government does or doesn’t adopt.”
“the preferences of people in the bottom third of the income distribution have no apparent impact on the behavior of their elected officials.”

% of children living in poverty.
1 Turkey – 25.3%
2 Israel – 24.3%
3 Spain – 23.4%
4 Chile – 22.5%
5 US – 20.5%

The think tanks, the Philanthropists, the Academics have proven that the insiders control everything – duh!
Inside the Russell Sage Foundation’s Epic Dig Into Why Inequality Matters – Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence – Inside Philanthropy

John Podesta has been a Washington power broker for decade.

THE DNC was the party who used to care about inequality but stopped caring a long time ago. They threw Bernie under the bus. Leaks prove the DNC was also colluding with the Clinton campaign to achieve this goal. The party is not supposed to pick. The DNC actively colluded against 45% of the people. Shutting down opposition is UNdemocratic.

Podesta on Bernie Sanders: “I agree.. Where should we stick the knife in?”
It shows the DNC establishment’s contempt for its base — the working class, the anti-war vote, the Occupy Wall Street folks.

The rich and powerful are at their most thuggish when their backs are up against the wall, and they will corrupt their justice departments and courts to protect the cool insiders.

How did the DNC get this way?
Back in the 60’s when those new activists (Clintons) realized they needed to join the game and came to Washington they had no memory of  growing up in the depression and didn’t grok what the banks would do if allowed to get away with it. They didn’t think anything was wrong with the banking lobby money and thought it would be groovy to  allow them to enter the municipal bond market, so back in the 60’s they actually helped the banks throw out the only uneducated, no  college degree southern redneck guy who chaired the banking committee who had successfully watched over the banksters up till then. He was the only guy that had was keeping them in check and only letting them be banks, keeping the  Glass Steagle act in place, watching out for all of us. He had lived it. He had memories. He knew what those east coast elite bastards would do to the country if they were allowed to get away with it.
Then this new wave of activist college so called educated folks from the 60’s with no living memories of how these banksters brought the country to it’s knees on black friday in  1929 operated and who really saw no problem with all  the money that the banksters were throwing at them  happily agreed to vote the old redneck watchdog guy right off the island. That’s how you get to be inside the cool bankster crowd. And the rest is history.

TIP #1 : Hated insiders know something, they learn something during all those years of work. They might be less than brilliant, they might be risk averse,  but they’ve got experience!

TIP #2: In life there’s always the cool crowd of a small cadre of experienced players who control every industry, and if you’re not aligned with them, it’s almost certain you will not have success. They’ve spent years establishing relationships. You don’t get on the TV show by accident, or get that job, or get your kid into that college, if you’re not willing to pay to play in order to get there. Your goal is to make everybody win, not just yourself. When everybody wants you, that’s when you can charge the big bucks.

DNC Equal Pay
Hillary Clinton says men and women should make equal pay. But the Clinton Foundation’s leadership team had an average $81,000 average gender pay gap, according to the most recent figures available.

During six years (1986 -1992) as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world’s largest retailer waged a major campaign against the labor unions seeking to represent store workers.

Pay to Play
A devastating memo from Douglas Band, at the time a key figure at the Clinton Foundation and President of his own corporate consulting firm, Teneo. The memo was rife with suggestions of pay-to-play and personal enrichment schemes at the Clinton Foundation. Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger reported the story, including the following details: “The memo, made public Wednesday by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, lays out the aggressive strategy behind lining up the consulting contracts and paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department. It describes how Band helped run what he called ‘Bill Clinton Inc.,’ obtaining ‘in-kind services for the President and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.’… Band wrote that Teneo partners had raised in excess of $8 million for the foundation and $3 million in paid speaking fees for Bill Clinton. He said he had secured contracts for the former president that would pay out $66 million over the subsequent nine years if the deals remained in place.”

A summary by category of WikiLeaks’ finds

Clinton Aide’s Memo Details Ties Between Consulting Firm and Clinton Foundation

Definition of Boodle, Boodle Boys and the Good Ole’ Boy Network

This Powerful Corporate Lobby Is Quietly Backing Hillary — and Nobody’s Talking About It

Congressional Research Service provides valuable insight and non-partisan analysis of issues of public debate
Doug Band To John Podesta: “If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed”

Clinton Aide Boasted About How He Helped Foundation Prosper

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Emails Show Citigroup Had Major Role in Shaping and Staffing Obama’s First Term
Citigroup had been serially charged by its regulators for abusing its customers and targeting the poor and financially uneducated. But key
executives at the bank had played major roles in raising funds for the Barack Obama campaign so it was richly rewarded for that.

How Did Trump Jump In Front?


The 99% want to Take Them Down.

The have nots – would rather burn the house down than allow the DNC & Wall Street get away with their jobs, pensions, homes, without getting punished. They believe and rightly so that “coarseness, corruption and moral corrosion” that describes Trump also describes the behavior of Wall Street and equally belongs to the Bush / Obama / Clinton reign. They have no illusions.  They want the  DNC insiders kicked out they want disruption, to deliver punishment.

The 99% knows the campaign-finance system allows “legalized bribery” and that it is rigging the economy to benefit billionaires.

Podesta Part 25: Wikileaks Releases Another 2,460 Emails, Total Is Now 41,969

Remember Bernie said ‘The Business Model Of Wall Street Is Fraud’ “Wall Street, play by the rules? Who are we kidding?”

Why Americans can’t win against Wall Street 
U.S. Senate Holds a Critical Hearing on the Stock Market on March 3, 2016 and 73% of the Senators on the Subcommittee Are a No-Show.   There are 15 U.S. Senators who are members of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee’s Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment that has been investigating the charges that the stock market is rigged by the stock exchanges along with dark pools run by large broker-dealers that are operated as opaque, unregulated quasi stock exchanges, high frequency traders at hedge funds, conflicted payment for order flow, and tricked-up order types – to mention just a few of the ways the public investor is getting fleeced.  THE VERY PEOPLE NOMINATED TO GUARD THE PUBLIC IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.

Everybody saw the movies: Wall Street > The Big Short > The Wolf of Wall Street > Harry Markopolos is the former derivatives professional turned independent financial forensic investigator who spent nine years trying to convince the SEC that Madoff needed to be examined, but it was only the onset of the financial crisis and the massive redemptions he faced that forced Madoff to turn himself in. The fact that Madoff feeder funds were getting clean audit opinions from the Big Four accountants, when Bernie was stealing every dime from day one, shows how easy it was for Madoff
to fool the accountants, Markopolos said, adding that in the history of accounting it’s impossible to name even one multibillion fraud that the Big Four uncovered. “Now, if I asked you, to name all the big, multibillion-dollar accounting frauds that the Big Four aided and abetted, we could be here all afternoon,” he said. Basically the insurance industry is where the banking industry was in 2007.”

The Holder Memo Won’t Let Us  Fail Nail And Jail Banksters.
We have zero prosecutions – [let alone] convictions – of any of the elite bank frauds, the Wall Street types, that drove this crisis. The Real Reason Banks Promote Financial Literacy is to Repair their “Banks are Pirates” Image. The Holder Memo and Its Progeny “I think you guys are breaking the law,” Warren writes – Dimon suddenly got quiet and responded, “So hit me with a fine. We can afford it.”   That’s for sure. JP Morgan Chase was one of five of the world’s largest banks hit with a total $5.7 billion fine after pleading guilty to global currency manipulation charges. Add to that, the $13 billion settlement it paid because of its funding of bad mortgages. Nonetheless, in the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, the company reaped in a $4.9 billion profit.

2016 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined Wells Fargo  $185 million for a widespread fraud wherein salespeople – thousands and thousands of them – opened around 2 million unnecessary new accounts for its customers in order to meet internal sales targets.

An email from early September 2008 outlines how Google helped President Barack Obama’s transition team to set up ‘secure data rooms’ for sharing information such as “policy promises, as well as legal documents like expense reimbursements and contribution forms”.
‘Keep this whole enterprise under wraps
The email from Obama aide Chris Lu, who is currently the deputy secretary of labor, explains how the “data rooms” can be accessed by staff –
and emphasizes the importance of maintaining secrecy over their discussions.“The one thing you should know is that contrary to the log-in instructions, we’re not giving out “” email addresses. We think that would compromise our ability to keep this whole enterprise under wraps,” he writes.

The secrecy reminder is somewhat surprising, given the role Citigroup played in picking Obama’s cabinet even before the election.

#WikiLeaks emails shows #Citigroup’s major role in shaping Obama administration’s cabinet

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Emails Show Citigroup Had Major Role in Shaping and Staffing Obama’s First Term
Citigroup had been serially charged by its regulators for abusing its customers and targeting the poor and financially uneducated. But key executives at the bank had played major roles in raising funds for the Barack Obama campaign so it was richly rewarded for that.

Wall Street’s 1% has been at the rudder for the past two decades devouring the credibility of the United States
Wall Street’s image has fallen so low that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is holding an annual “Reforming Culture and Behavior in the Financial Services Industry” conference.

Feds Probing Wall Street Collusion
2016 Citigroup Says CFTC Is Probing Banks’ Rate-Swap Businesses
Citigroup Inc. disclosed a new government probe involving the industry’s trading and clearing of interest-rate swaps five months after paying $425 million to resolve claims that it attempted to rig derivatives markets.
The bank is cooperating with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, New York-based Citigroup said Monday in a regulatory filing. The case is related to a 2015 antitrust lawsuit alleging that 12 of the biggest swap dealers blocked fund managers from trading the instruments on exchanges to preserve their profits, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation who asked not to be identified because the
information isn’t public.
The disclosure is the latest questioning the role of Wall Street’s biggest dealers in helping determine the prices for a range of financial instruments. Authorities around the world have been clamping down on the derivatives and currency markets since 2013 after allegations that bank traders rigged benchmarks. In the currency market, more than a half-dozen lenders have been fined a total of more than $10 billion and
scores of traders have been dismissed. Other investigations into gold markets and currency options are also under way. Mark Costiglio, a spokesman for Citigroup, and Steven Adamske of the CFTC declined to comment. Citigroup agreed earlier this year to pay $425 million to resolve a CFTC claim that it tried to rig interest-rate benchmarks including ISDAfix from 2007 to 2012, without admitting or denying the allegations.

Here is the polished, educated, well mannered, degreed,  people who can govern the the country. wikileaks banking scam bailout by Edmond Dante

Timeline: The Republicans’ Abysmal Record on the CFPB

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