Bannon Annointed and Appointed

The Donald’s Dangerous Ethics: Loyalty Trumps Honesty On “Celebrity Apprentice”

There are 2 versions of Bannon

1) The White Knight for the 99%
He is controlling the online propaganda machine giving the 99% a voice supporting the masses
who have been beaten up by the wall street 1% – the global cabal  and what it did to the country in 08
– Lesley Stahl said after interviewing Trump that his “bitterness toward the press is real, alive and deep”
–  and getting the elites to spend their money build america back up after gutting it

2) Bannon the Racist Bastard
Bannon, a racist, anti-Semite, anti-gay  anti muslim, wife beater,  WH policy adviser who is exactly the same as hiring David Duke.
250 hate crimes reported to the Southern Poverty Law Center since Tuesday election. As many as previous 6 months.

– It’s in journalism’s best interest to report news accurately.
– It’s in tech’s best interest to distribute news voluminously.
You’ve gotta be a little amused about how the most quantitative, data-driven companies have become the biggest propagators of fake news.

Why the Trump Bannon Alliance will be a success in the first 100 days

1) No Republican will be saying CAN’T SPEND BECAUSE of TRILLION DEBT DEBT DEBT which is the line used to defeat the democrats request for infrastructure spend over the past 8 years – why isn’t the debt a problem for them?????
2) NOW we will get the  TRILLION SPEND ON INFRASTRUCTURE = JOBS which was their problem before but isn’t a problem for anyone anymore!
3) TAX CUTS on the 1% will allow them to repatriate all that money they’ve stashed overseas  BUT but it’s got to be tied to spending on JOB CREATION IN THE US or they will just cheat and  hire contractors /companies from China with cheap inferior china steal to come here and build it so it also also MUST BE TIED TO AMERICAN MADE STEEL!! AND AMERICAN LABOR!

Who the voter really is
manufacturing jobs left under Reagan & HW Bush but the outrage came in past 8 years
they live in a bubble of white, religious bigotry, coddled and refuse to modernize to a changing world.
They must understand white corporate ceo’s took their jobs to china not immigrants.
My wealthy PA cousins voted Trump along with KKK, anti-semites, old white buffoons, young Wall St bro’s

Breitbart News is a hate website. Will it become a weaponized media adjunct for the White House?

White flight from reality: Inside the racist panic that fueled Donald Trump’s victory

Facebook plan to ax hoax news shelved after finding it “disproportionately impacted right-wing” sites
Did Facebook Really Tolerate Fake News to Appease Conservatives?

Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists? Here’s What Happened When It Hired Some.

Donald Trump is going to appear on Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” The president-elect rejects his ties to the alt-right movement, but his embrace of Alex Jones suggests otherwise

Majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices are millionaires.

Breyer, Roberts, Ginsburg top list of wealthiest justices. At least six — and perhaps as many as all eight — U.S. Supreme Court justices are worth at least $1 million, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of new financial disclosures.  Topping the list is Stephen Breyer, who is worth at least $6.1 million — and possibly as much as $16 million going into 2016. Breyer’s top holdings include stock in publishing company Pearson PLC, as well as property in New Hampshire and the Caribbean island of Nevis.


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