Washington Post is a #Fake News site

All these idiots who tell us whatever in print and on TV  lied to us before,  so what are they lying to us about now? This should never have been called “news” at best  it should be in the Op-Ed section.

Who is getting fired over this?

Oct. 24th Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero

October 24
The election is in 15 days. And the electoral map just keeps looking grimmer and grimmer for Donald Trump.

We are making three changes to The Fix map this week, all favoring Hillary Clinton.

First, we are moving Nevada, where Trump had shown surprising strength for much of this year, from “toss-up” to “lean Democratic” amid signs that the state is slipping away from him. Clinton has led in six of the past seven polls in the state — the other showed the race a tie — and now has an average lead of more than four points, according to Real Clear Politics. Trump’s collapse in the state is badly impacting Republicans’ chances of winning Sen. Harry Reid’s (D) open seat. Rep. Joe Heck (R), who led for much of the year, now finds himself behind former state attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto (D).


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