Christopher Soghoian will go to Congress as a TechCongress Fellow

During my seven years in Washington D.C., I’ve worked for the nation’s premier privacy regulator—the Federal Trade Commission—and for one of the top civil liberties organizations in the United States—the American Civil Liberties Union. These have both been great experiences, but I now want to learn first-hand how policy is made in the legislative branch.
After more than four years at the ACLU, I’ll be leaving the organization on January 6, 2017 to join the new class of TechCongress Congressional Innovation Fellows.
TechCongress is a nonpartisan program incubated New America’s Open Technology Institute that’s dedicated to building 21st century government and developing cross-sector technology leaders.  The Congressional Innovation Fellowship was launched in 2015 and places technologists to serve in Congress through a one-year residency on Capitol Hill to gain in-depth understanding of the legislative process.  This year’s class includes four fellows with experience across the tech sector.


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