Kellyanne Conway Unleash the Kracken or do you mean Cracker?

I was going to go with “Release the Kraken” Kellyanne Conway


But… does she really mean Cracker as in Jimmy Crack Corn?

A great opportunity for teaching, and for getting students (and others) to think and feel deeply about issues of representation. Just because this is the music classroom we don’t talk about history or culture — that’s in the social studies class (and we don’t deal with slavery until US history in 5th grade) or emotions (only the school counselor or psychologist does that!).


David Duke 1977


The Tea Party Used To Be called The American League
Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Was All For Workers Rights and Unions and Fought The American League and Won!

Trump’s Labor Department appointment sends early warning sign to labor

Even anti-Trump working-class voters are having second thoughts

What is astounding, post-election, is the total lack of contrition Democrats have displayed for ignoring the workingman and -woman bloc that has been the party’s horn of plenty. The only regret they display is that they lost the election, not the voters.  What Democrats, academics and pundits keep refusing to see is that the loss was never about Trump’s candidacy; it was all about how Democrats have increasingly lost touch with their voters outside of coastal America — until those voters finally hit their breaking point.



Koch (who secretly funded the Cato Institute)  industries takes aim at U.S. House Republican tax reform plan


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