Google and the Misinformed Public

Chronicle of Higher Education: Google and the Misinformed Public

Digital media platforms like Google and Facebook may disavow
responsibility for the results of their algorithms, but they
can have tremendous — and disturbing — social effects.
Racist and sexist bias, misinformation, and profiling are
frequently unnoticed byproducts of those algorithms. And
unlike public institutions (like the library), Google and
Facebook have no transparent curation process by which the
public can judge the credibility or legitimacy of the
information they propagate.  That misinformation can be
debilitating for a democracy — and in some instances deadly
for its citizens.

It sounds like there’s a market opportunity here for a search engine that explicitly provides context for search results: credibility, fact checking, bias (not as a value judgement), research articles vs. journalism reporting on them, etc. Could also incorporate some form of crowd sourcing, etc.
Would be an interesting technical challenge to make this applicable across a broad range of searches, and of course there’s the business case (or lack thereof) and going up against Google. On the other hand, it seems like there’s a real need for genuine innovation in the space, and some obvious candidates that would likely be interested in executing an buy out for a successful implementation prior to the company going to market.

Thomas Leavitt

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