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The time has come for organized and overwhelming opposition. This week, the Senate will hold hearings on Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees even though the Office of Government Ethics has yet to thoroughly vet the nominees (and the Trump transition team has, of course, neglected to do so).

Trump’s nominees are also uniquely unqualified to hold cabinet positions. Rex Tillerson is a Putin fanboy — at a time when Russia actively seeks to undermine our democracy and influence our election, we cannot have a Russophile heading the state department. Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s desired Treasury Secretary, has been accused of “shutting our nonwhite borrowers.”

Rick Perry, tapped for the Department of Energy, cannot explain what the department does (nor could he remember he wanted it eliminated). Scott Pruitt doesn’t believe in climate change. He’s supposed to head the EPA.

Tom Price wants to see ObamaCare eliminated and 20 million left without healthcare coverage. Trump wants him for Health and Human Services. Betsy DeVos might head the Department of Education even though she is an adamant opponent of public education.

Ben Carson, who thinks the Egyptians used the pyramids to store grain, has somehow been nominated for Housing and Urban Development, a department for which he is eminently unfit.

Jeff Sessions, once deemed by the Senate as too racist to be a federal judge, may well become our Attorney General. We must resist these nominees. Please call your senators at each of their offices everyday and urge them to vote against Trump’s cabinet appointees.

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