Funeral directors don’t like the new trend of “selfies with corpses”

Researchers build tool to help prevent ‘selfie deaths’ Researchers tracked 127 selfie-related deaths from 2014 to late 2016

Funeral directors don’t like the new trend of “selfies with corpses”. Quebec funeral directors trying to curtail ‘funeral selfies’ Taking photos at funerals not new, but posing for selfies at a casket and posting to social media

The team hopes to use the tool to eventually build an app that can warn people in real-time whether they’re about to take a dangerous selfie, or are approaching a dangerous location where selfies should not be taken.

Teen thrill-seeker dies when photo pose goes wrong


Define Cultural Literacy and Technological Literacy. The Problems with Web 2.0 and Social Networks

Compare Funeral Home Prices and Cremation Costs it’s not an very useful database, very restricted search capability.


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