Achtung! Germany hates Cayla and so should you.

Are you listening?

German regulators have banned an internet-connected doll called ‘My Friend Cayla’ that can chat with children, warning that it was a de facto “hidden spying device”.  Parents were urged to disable the interactive toy by the Federal Network Agency which enforces bans on surveillance devices.

Banned In Germany: Kids’ Doll Is Labeled An Espionage Device
Data privacy, and specifically related to what information is being collected from children through voice-enabled toys. NPR

Cayla looks like an everyday doll and gives no notice that it collects and transmits everything it hears — in this case, to a voice-recognition company in the U.S. whose other customers include intelligence agencies.

A doll called My Friend Cayla listens a little too well, according to German regulators who say the toy is essentially a stealthy espionage device that shares what it hears and is also vulnerable to takeover by third parties.  “Cayla ist verboten in Deutschland,” says Jochen Homann, the president of Germany’s Federal Network Agency (the Bundessnetzagentur), announcing a ban on the doll in Germany on Friday.

Cayla will also dial the Hitler phone and tell them what your parents are saying…..


Hitler Bunker Phone up For Auction in Maryland

“This was Hitler’s personal instrument of death,” Ranulf added. “It is a very sinister piece of equipment, when you think about what it was used for. He would have used it extensively to scream brutal orders to those running the concentration camps and to his generals on the battlefield.”
Adolf Hitler’s bunker phone, which has been described as the Nazi leaders’ “mobile device of destruction,” will be sold this month at an auction in the U.S.  The phone, which has been held at an English country house since Hitler’s suicide in 1945, is set to be sold in Maryland by Alexander Historical Auctions on Feb. 19, according to the New York Post.  According to the auction house, Hitler’s phone, painted in red with his name engraved, was “arguably the most destructive ‘weapon’ of all time, which sent millions to their deaths around the world,” CNN noted.  Hitler was known to use the bunker telephone to give commands that led to the deaths of millions of Jews during World War II, according to a catalog for the auction house.  The “death phone” could go for more than $500,000 at the upcoming auction.





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