IOC: The Internet of Crap

We will all be forced into waiting for another Ralph Nader to appear and fight for the citizens of the United States who all need protection from the money grubbing manufacturers who have all built technology without thinking about security.

Now there is a world wide assault on data and machines in hospitals and all the other vital infrastructure we depend on.


AND STILL the disingenuous demand that K12 deliver an education that teaches kids something about computers will NOT mandate learning morse code and buy a ham radio for every high school so that when everything tanks at least someone at the high school could  help the community needed.


Commerce without Conscience

The simple things, the simple measures that will work when the lights go out  are completely  ignored  — WHY — because Microsoft and Apple and all the other vendors want all the money they can get from the tax payer – YOU! And the K12 Dept of Ed is happy to give the money to all their friends.

Go to your school board meetings and demand they install ham radios in the high school, demand that students learn Morse code, demand that this satisfies all the STEAM requirements that they hold in such high regard.

This is no joke you better get going.


74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor

People who want to be safe and wants privacy Don’t use windows that’s the only way, stop using #ms #windows #malware and be safe

– Don’t use XP & Vista

– Update OS

– Update antivirus software

– Backup your files

– Don’t click on random links

How an Accidental ‘Kill Switch’ Slowed Friday’s Massive Ransomware Attack

Disable SMB1.0 (used in today’s attack). Enabled in Windows 10 by

Microsoft releases protection for out-of-support products Windows XP, Windows 8, & Windows Server 2003:


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