Todd Rundgren’s new album, “White Knight” song Tin Foil Hat is about Trump

Todd Rundgren’s new album, “White Knight” song Tin Foil Hat sounds like a Steely Dan cut but it’s not.

 it’s is all about Trump!

“He’s coming down the escalator With a girl from east of here”
They’re talking about Melania see before / after Plastic surgery

“Because the man in the tin foil hat
Is sitting on the throne tonight
It kinda feels like a coup d’etat
But it’s gonna be great, tremendous, amazing and all that”

“‘Cause the man in the tin foil hat Is tweeting like a teenage girl
He puts the pluto in plutocrat It’s gonna be a yuge yuge yuge new world”

G R E A T !! start the revolution – sing it loud and pass this along now.

Todd – Rundgren – Tin Foil Hat (feat. Donald Fagen) [Official Video]

Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen: Tin Foil Hat

Todd Rundgren Berkley School of Music Commencement

Fun fact: On Memorial Day of 1927, Trump’s father was arrested at a KKK rally in Queens, NY

What is known, according to a New York Times article about clashes between the Klan and New York City’s “Catholic” police force, was that Trump’s father was arrested and released by police in relation to the march. According to the Post, a flyer passed around the neighborhood ahead of the Klan rally described the need for the rally.  “The predication for the Klan to march, according to a flier passed around Jamaica beforehand, was that ‘Native-born Protestant Americans’ were being “assaulted by Roman Catholic police of New York City,’” Post reporter Philip Bump wrote in February 2016. “‘Liberty and Democracy have been trampled upon,’ it continued, ‘when native-born Protestant Americans dare to organize to protect one flag, the American flag; one school, the public school; and one language, the English language.’”

Know Your State Song
Get Help to Teach Your Songs in Context. You have to make connections between “disciplines”.
But many of the Hate songs being sung by “folk groups” at “folk music events” show the Intersection between Cultural Identity and Racist Ideology.
Brenda Marie Osbey says, “In reality, it is difficult to find any group of African Americans anywhere in the continental U.S. who ever employed either “I’se gwine” or “I’sa gwine.”


  1. Behind every great fortune there is a great crime”
    The Tea Party Used To Be called The American League
    Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Was All For Workers Rights and Unions and Fought The American League and Won!
  2. Trump explains what a Dictator is to the American Voter.
  3. Do You Know Florida’s State Song?
  4. Hate Sites – Recruiting Tools
    Folklorist Stetson Kennedy exposed the KKK’s inner workings U.S. status as a white-majority nation.
  5. The Scots-Gaelic Sanas of Ku Klux Klan ~ Dan Cassidy
    Find the origin of Jim Crow and the KKK
  6. Jim Crow – Jump Jim Crow Scottish roots of the KKK
    For two years, folk icon Woody Guthrie was a tenant in one of the Brooklyn apartment buildings managed by Fred Trump, father of current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
    Guthrie wrote:
    I suppose
    Old Man Trump knows
    Just how much
    Racial Hate
    he stirred up
    In the bloodspot of human hearts
    When he drawed
    That color line
    Here at this
    Eighteen hundred family project”

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