In an Era of Russian Hacks, the US Is Still Installing Russian Software on Government Systems

Nationalism may have made sense around the 1940’s when countries were self-sufficient. In the last two decades it is a bizarre logic that ties nationalism to the wrong pieces of  the security process. Tracing  commercial sourcing and supply chains are the *wrong* place to build in safety and security. Is Huawei or Foxconn or TSMC or all the other suppliers of hardware, software, microcode, design services, … a tool of national interest? Yes for sure. But *what* national interests? And what *other* interests?

Loyalty oaths and citizenship tests are the worst possible approach, and using them for political rabblerousing is ignorant and stupid.

There are lots of better ways to engineer safety and security into systems composed of imperfectly reliable and imperfectly securable parts. We know how to do that.


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