Revisiting L0pht testimony – 20yrs later

Here is a copy of my introductory statement from the May 22, 2018 briefing where L0pht revisited its historic Senate testimony of twenty years earlier. (supporting links at the end.)

Good Afternoon, I’m Space Rogue. Twenty years ago, out of fear of corporate retaliation through lawsuits Space Rogue was the only name I used. Today I also use the name Cris Thomas, although not as frequently, and I work as the Global Strategy Lead for IBM’s X-Force Red which is the offensive security services part of IBM Security.

We are here today to talk about how things have changed in information security over the last twenty years. When we were here twenty years ago a lot of people said, we were a voice of reason attempting to warn people about just how much risk was inherent in our critical systems. A lot of people in information security, or I guess we call it cyber security now, that’s one change right there, will tell you that nothing has changed, that we still have issues with passwords from password reuse, to weak passwords, to no passwords. We still have organizations who ignore the problems either through ignorance, ambivalence or just greed.

And we still have people who try to blame users for technological failures.

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— 1st time ! Chinese Spy Extradited to the U.S. after stealing Technology Secrets.

— @ DAlperovitch This is HUGE. @TheJusticeDept just announce the *ARREST* of Yanjun Xu, a Deputy Division Director with Ministry of State Security (MSS). He was responsible for recruiting assets in US aviation sector for industrial espionage. Expect China to hit back hard!

— New U.S. Weapons Systems Are a Hackers’ Bonanza, Investigators Find

— New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom


— Leaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts Google’s Official Story on China


We cannot use the same channel for both the information and the trust for information, neither sending or receiving anymore.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update no longer deletes your data Microsoft will help those affected attempt to recover their files.

— Computer Science faces an ETHICS CRISIS. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves it.

— Announcing a Competition for Ethics in Computer Science, with up to $3.5 Million in Prizes

— FYI: Apple gives YOU a trust rating – and it’s based on your phone call and email habits.

— —  Lauren’s Blog: “The Death of Google”


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Amazing Female teacher doing the batch of handshakes with a 3rd Grade students


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10 Years after the Banks Crashed the U.S. Economy What have we Learned?

 Gambling monkeys are helping scientists find a risk-taking brain area

time lapse photography of four black metal cooking wares

Photo by Devon Rockola on

“They’re going for the big win every single time,” even when safe bets would have won them more juice overall. 

When a monkey won big, brain cells in this area got really active. They take big risks just to keep the game interesting.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins have identified a brain region in monkeys that influences their desire to take big risks. When this area is inactivated, the monkeys tend to hedge their bets.


Experiments with two gambling monkeys have revealed a small area in the brain that plays a big role in risky decisions. When researchers inactivated this region in the prefrontal cortex that’s involved in eye movements, the rhesus monkeys became less inclined to choose a long shot over a sure thing.


Four Critical Changes Needed to Make Wall Street Work for America Again
Last Thursday the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a statement regarding a new $10.5 million fine against Citigroup. The statement read: “Citigroup’s lax supervision and weak internal accounting controls allowed a handful of rogue traders to mismark positions over several years and, separately, resulted in […]

Senator John McCain Wanted to Restore the Glass-Steagall Act: Here’s Why Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator John McCain as the leading co-sponsors on the same piece of legislation.

MIT Professor: Big Banks Are Using Data Profiling to Prey on Unsophisticated
The Kansas City Fed’s annual symposium in Jackson Hole is typically a dry affair with central bankers and economists expounding on theories that are incomprehensible to the average working person — whose focus is on making their monthly mortgage payment, saving for their children’s college tuition […]

The Fed’s “Supervision” of Wall Street Has Made It More Dangerous The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation was signed into law on July 21, 2010 as the U.S. was still reeling from the aftermath of the epic 2008 Wall Street crash and economic meltdown. In addition to giving the Federal Reserve enhanced powers to supervise the behemoth bank holding […]

The Chorus Grows for the Fed to Buy Up Stocks in the Next Wall Street Crisis
There is now a growing chorus of people trying to legitimize the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, having the option of buying stocks in the next financial crisis. This is such a stunning and dangerous development that it deserves to be on the front page.

JPMorgan Is Thinking Pitchforks and Fed Stock Buying in the Next Financial Crash
If you thought the U.S. outlook could not get any more dystopian, think again. JPMorgan Chase issued a report earlier this week to mark the 10th anniversary of the 2008 Wall Street crash and provide its outlook for what’s ahead.

Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson: The Fed Should Be Able to Make Secret Trillion Dollar Loans Again There seems to be a growing amount of concern these days about another epic financial crash on Wall Street.

SEC: Citigroup Ran a Secret, Unregistered Stock Exchange for More than Three Years 

September 19, 2018 ~ Last Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a 372-word press release that carried the title SEC Charges Citigroup for Dark Pool Misrepresentations. Buried within that press release was a brief sentence casually mentioning that a division of Citigroup had “failed to register as a national […]

For Over a Century, the New York Times Has Praised Big Bank Consolidation 

New York Times OpEd Was Very Likely Written by a Koch Loyalist

There’s a New Bible Out for Defeating the Trump Era and Its Corporate Masters
President Donald Trump, who ran on a fiercely populist platform of helping the little guy, infused his administration from the get-go with lawyers and executives connected to the fossil fuels conglomerate, Koch Industries, and/or front groups funded by its two majority owners, billionaires Charles and David Koch. Now a step-by-step guide has been published on how to defeat the new-age robber barons, the corporate structure that made them billionaires while leaving workers with crumbs, and the enshrined political system that marches to the crack of their unaccountable whip.


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Listen to @RepDebDingell Social Security must be protected at all costs. We are not going to leave our fellow Americans behind.


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#Florence is a Science Denying Warning for North Carolina and every other state that won’t vote for climate change law.

#KARMA is a Bitch! You can Never Cheat Mother #Nature

NC got just what they needed / deserved.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
You’ll get punished for denying science.
Did NC forget all about that?

They set this up all by themselves when:

North Carolina Literally Passed Laws Against Science on Sea-Level Rises

Six years ago, North Carolina Republicans voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren’t rising

New Law in North Carolina Bans Latest Scientific Predictions of Sea-Level Rise



1200 roads are closed in N.C.

‘There is no access to Wilmington’ as Florence flooding overwhelms North Carolina” The winds have died down from #Florence, but the flooding is just beginning. Dams are breaking, whole cities have become islands, bridges are washed out, and roads are impassable.

It was the Gerrymandered Rep legislature that outlawed science but in any case, most of these people were already here. Many of them were historic homes. Many were the homes of very poor people.

And the worst is yet to come.

Waste from hog manure pits, coal ash dumps and other industrial sites wash into homes and threaten drinking water supplies. The state’s coal ponds are overflowing, coal sludge is poisoning the waters, killing aquatic life.

Example This already happened years ago:
Dead pigs down a flooded road on Rabon Maready’s farm near Beulaville, N.C. The hogs drowned from the floodwaters of the NE Cape Fear River after heavy rains from Hurricane Floyd flooded the area. ALAN MARLER / AP The bloated carcasses of hundreds of thousands of hogs, chickens and other drowned livestock bobbed in a nose-stinging soup of fecal matter, pesticides, fertilizer and gasoline so toxic that fish flopped helplessly on the surface to escape it. Rescue workers smeared Vick’s Vapo-Rub under their noses to try to numb their senses against the stench. Florence is forecast to make landfall in the same region as a much stronger storm.

The dangers of trapping people in a building from which they can’t escape, in the path of a major storm, are glaringly obvious: flooding, toxic mold, lost electricity, disrupted access to food, clean water, sanitation, and medical care in facilities that can barely provide them on a sunny day. And the idea that prisoners will be safer, when, at the same time, officials demand everyone else must leave, is a clear statement about the value of incarcerated lives.

Do the rats die in Hurricane #Florence?
The short answer is: some rats will drown, some will survive.



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